The use of social media and its involvement in our lives has increased tremendously within the last decade. With one of its purposes being to interact with family or friends across the globe, why does “social” media in fact make us antisocial?

Yes, it makes communication with others easier. But here’s the thing, calls are soo much more affordable if both parties have access to data or wifi yet we still choose to send a WhatsApp message or leave a message on their Facebook timeline to wish them well.
Social…? I think not.
Social media users are interacting less face to face because they can simply follow them on social media and keep up to date with what others are doing.

People might say that social media is just for “advantaged teens” to show off their new phone, designer shoe, etc. But the reality is that most social media users constantly feel compelled to post everything they do. If they do not do this, it is as if what they did has no meaning or value. We feel the need to broadcast everything but mostly miss the life time experiences.

Even though various social media platforms have advantages to them such as social media marketing for businesses, if used for the wrong reasons, social media can be time consuming, reduces your social empathy and is very addictive. It can also bring about feelings of social disconnection, stress, anxiety and depression.

We live in a time where our happiness is based off how popular we are on social media. Someone less popular on social media is likely to have a lower self esteem than someone who is more popular on social media. And might I just add that most of us social media users find it difficult to communicate face to face than over any social media platform.

So if social media makes us antisocial, shouldn’t it be called “anti” social media? lol

In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection!