Web Design

Due to our current times, it is required that a business have a website to give people ease and comfort that you’re a real and legit business. Websites help people find out more about you and your business. With an online presence, you are building trust between you and your clients.

At the age of 15, I took an interest in coding and web design. I learnt HTML 5 along with CSS and coded my own dummy website from scratch. Soon after, I found new and creative ways in designing websites.

In March 2020, I began working for a web and graphic design company where I learnt more about designing websites, graphic design and hosting. I then redesigned this blog which at first, ran on a simple WordPress theme where not much could be done.

I offer domain registration as well as hosting. I design websites from normal three page websites that includes the home page, about page and contact page to blogs and online stores.
(Prices may differ depending on the type of website as well as the amount of pages on the website.)

For all your website and hosting needs, contact me and we will create a website best suited for you and your business.