According to Gensler Research Institute, about 90% of employees want to go back to working in an office environment after Covid-19. After reading this, the only question that came to mind – “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”

I am a web and graphic designer amongst all the many things I do and have been working an 8 to 5 job, IN AN OFFICE for the past month. Waking up early and getting done for work was a breeze for me but sitting in traffic both in the morning and afternoon was definitely not it.

As a designer, my mind is constantly working trying to form designs of logos, think of which font to use for a website, and trying  to keep my cool when a client says “Make the logo bigger” or “The design looks good so far” when that’s the finished product. I struggle to sit in one place for too long or work for hours on one project. I juggle between projects while taking 2 hour coffee breaks in between to help the ideas flow.

Although, there are advantages to being in an office space working the 8-5. I am able to conduct face to face meetings and get an answer on a specific design immediately from the client. I meet new people on the daily and treat myself to a coffee from the coffee shop every now and then. I get to have lunch outside while enjoying the scenery or work at the coffee shop surrounded by smells of coffee brewing. Not to mention, my colleagues are wonderful people. I learn soo much from them. Most importantly, I get to dress all cute and formal rocking those heels even though I would pretty much prefer working in PJays!

But to be really honest, I would rather say “I live at work”. It is more hardcore than saying “I work from home”