A simple material disliked by plenty.
A head covering to show her modesty.
Clothed to protect her honour.
Used as a ticket to Jannah.
An obligation from her Lord
Worn with love and with pride.
Yet judged like a book only by its cover.
It’s not about oppression, but rather for protection.
Does not cover up her weaknesses
but brings out her confidence and commitment to her Creator.
Her beauty lies not in her physical features
But within her heart and her Imaan.
Like a pearl in its shell
is a women in her hijab.
Her hijab.
Her right.
Her choice.
Her life!

I stand with you
Oh sisters in France.
Your pain and your suffering will not go unnoticed.
And do not be afraid
For Allah is with you all the time, listening and seeing. [20:46]

-Faatimah Sallie