The thought “Am I good enough?” often crosses my mind. An unanswered question that usually leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. A question that questions my self worth.
“Am I good enough?” 

Reading minds is a superpower we all wish to have. But it is one no human can possess. So who are we to judge the next person, to know what they think, what their intentions are? There are people amongst us who are trying their best to gain approval, to be accepted. There are those who are trying their best to be enough for the people close to them, those who have been through the most and need a simple gesture of appreciation and to be told “You are enough!” 

I always stumble across the quote “You’ve always been good enough. You’ve just been giving yourself to the wrong people.” And yes, while this quote is somewhat true, why should who we give ourselves to determine if we are good enough? 

The way someone else treats you is not about who you are or the type of person you may be. It is only a reflection of them, of their insecurities. Your worth is not contingent upon other people’s acceptance of you. It is inherent. You exist and therefore, you matter. You have the right to voice your feelings, to be who you truly are. You are enough without all the praise, the acceptance, the love and the validation. You are allowed to hold onto the truth that you are enough! Someone once promised me that I am enough! and you are too. To some people, you may not be good enough, but to the important ones, you are more than enough.

“Am I good enough?”
The answer,