A year ago you’ve put us under lockdown.
Your sudden appearance has caused havoc to our lives.
At first, your appearance has forced us to slow down, to enjoy the company of our loved ones.
But you’ve kept us locked in our homes for days on end with very little freedom.
You’ve taken away so many of our close family and friends.
You’ve destroyed economies and made it difficult for people to survive.
You’ve made it difficult to find cures to free ourselves from your harm.
You’ve exhausted us and left us scared. 


Even though you’ve brought disruption to our lives, you’ve brought good into it too.
You’ve brought the world together as a family.
You’ve taught us that life is short and death is sure.
You’ve taught us that jobs are temporary.
You’ve taught us that our health is worth more than anything in this world.
You’ve taught us that tomorrow is not promised and that only the Almighty can save.
You’ve taught us to appreciate every little thing that we have and to look after the people around us.

Maybe you weren’t something bad after all.
Maybe you’re something we all really needed.
But you’ve overstayed your welcome and it’s time to go!