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Successful people have two things on their lips, a smile and silence. A smile can solve a problem,  Silence can avoid problems. Sugar and salt may be mixed together but ants reject the salt and carry away only the sugar. Select the right people in life and make your life better and sweeter. If you […]

Life is…

Life is an opportunity… benefit from it. Life is a beauty… admire it. Life is a dream… realise it. Life is a challenge… meet it. Life is a duty… complete it. Life is a game… play it. Life is a promise… fulfil it. Life is a sorrow… overcome it. Life is a song… sing it. Life is a struggle… accept it. Life is a tragedy… confront […]

What if…

What if when we die, the lights at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital room. There we are, born and the only reason you come out crying is because you remember everything from your past life and you’re crying at the fact that you died and lost everything.


Has anyone ever said to you “you dream too big” or “that’s not a realistic dream.”? Have you ever felt like your dreams and goals are impossible or silly? Well, those are all wrong! No dream is too small, no dream is too big, no dream is impossible. If you want to achieve something in […]

Nothing gold can stay.

Natures first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower, But only so an hour. Then the leaf subsides to leaf, So Eden sank to grief. So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. By Robert Frost Meaning The things that are most beautiful in life are also […]

Onto new chapters.

You don’t know the struggle that I’ve been through You think you know much about me You have no clue Just wanna be somebody in this world. Wanna have the fame and the cars I wanna have the money to buy the pearls. My life is a mess I don’t know what to do lift […]

I have learned..

I have learned that you can’t make someone love you. You can only be someone who can be loved. I have learned that breakdowns and crying are signs of strength and not weakness. I have learned that no one is really down for you unless it benefits them. I have learned that people walk into […]


When you start to feel like things should have been better, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents and those moments weren’t vain. You are not the same. You have grown and you are growing. You are breathing, you are living. You are wrapped in endless boundless grace. And […]

Positive thinking

Positive thinking isn’t just the business of forest fairies with magic wands—it’s knowing you have the power to choose your experience of everything.