Is it the lack of sleep?
The having to warm your coffee thrice and still don’t end up drinking it?
Is it the cooking for 3 hours, eating for 5 seconds and doing dishes for a week?
One minute you’re really cool and the next you’re getting excited about a vacuum.
You have all these cards that collect points or help get discounts.
And don’t get me started with having a drivers license. 
You become the Uber in the family but don’t get paid for your services.
Adulting is looking back at your childhood and wishing that you took that afternoon nap.
Adulting is asking why every light in the house is on.
It’s the grocery shopping and countless errands.
The four hours of sleep.
The grey hairs…

Yes, adulting sucks but maybe it isn’t so bad. Society paints us a picture of what a perfect adult should be. But what if I took you down memory lane and told you that you can go outside and play in the rain, or put your arms inside your T- shirt and pretend you don’t have any, or play soccer in the street or pour your soda into the cap and pretend you’re taking shots? 

No where in the manual of adulting did it say we can’t still have fun and let our inner child take over for a moment. 

Adulting can be fun. You just have to make it fun!  And if ever that inner child wants to come out, LET IT! Because life is too short to be serious all the time. 

Although, I have been putting a lot of thought into this and, I would like to cancel my subscription of adulthood.  Is there a manager I can speak to because I don’t think that being an adult is going to work for me?!  *sigh*