Dear Teenage Self,

Oh, how I wish you knew what I know now. I wish that back then, you knew that things would get better. I am soo much older and soo much wiser and I can’t thank you enough for staying so strong and being the awesome person that you were.

I know that things aren’t as easy as what you wished it would be but I promise you that life gets better. It’s hard to believe but it is true. Those lonely nights, heartbreaks and tears cried will only make you stronger, wiser and shape you into the wonderful adult that you will become.

Friends will come and go but true friends will stand by you no matter what. Invest in your friendships. Be there when they need you most. You might not speak to them as much as an adult but when you do, it will be as if no time has passed. Your friends will love you, care about you and pick you up when you have fallen. Treasure them.

You are placed on this earth for a reason. I know that at the moment, it does not seem that way. As the years go by, sometime or the other, the question “What is my purpose in this world?” will pop up but eventually, you will know the answer. Just keep living everyday as it comes. Make the most out of the wonderful moments that you find yourself in. Learn to laugh a little louder and smile a little longer!

I need you to know that the problems that you will find yourself in will only strengthen you. I need you to know that every hardship that you will face is only temporary. There is ease after difficulty and even though you might not know this now, eventually you will learn this and have a different outlook on every hardship you may find yourself in.

Worrying won’t prevent the bad things from happening. Start focusing on all the things that could go right rather than all the things that could go wrong. You are in charge of everything that happens in your life. Take control of it, do what makes you happy and worry less! Too often you will be faced with worry, anxiety, negative thoughts. Don’t let this stop you from becoming the best person that you could possibly be. We win or we learn. Things change and noting lasts forever.

You will learn soo much on your journey through the next few years. Embrace it, enjoy it and make the best out of it. You got this! and always remember that You Are Enough!

Your Future Self